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Funny View Of Mormons

Jeff K.

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For frankenstein a conservative is nothing more than a parody of a human being. He probably thinks Colbert's views are accurate. I wonder what its like to see the world as a giant two dimensional comicbook. I shudder to think how many people see it that way.

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Huh, Would you please define conservative?

the Colbert Report is a parody. Colbert on the Colbert Report, is a parody and no one is more American or Conservative than he is. Which is why I was very clear in saying he is a lunatic for the show. When a guest is on the show, the big to do, if for Colbert, rather than a grand entrance for the guest.

Also, Stephen Colbert was on a PBS show "Faces of America" wherein he learned that his ancestors were some of the first non-viking post Columbus Europeans to settle in North America. When he learned this, Colbert responded in essence "I wish I could respond as my 'character' as I truly am more American than anyone else"

If you google "stephen colbert geneology" the pbs "faces of america" should be one of the first links.


jeff k. par for the course from you, like a dog to its vomit.

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From the few times I have watched him I think Colbert is a foaming at the mouth lunatic. He probably should be in a cage.

You do realize that his persona on the show is an act right? And that he's discussed that act in interviews about the show? Its part of the reason that it airs on Comedy Central...

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