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Pay Tithing Electronically


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Perhaps this is old news,but I recently ran across this. You can use Billpay to pay tithing and other contributions. I got the following email and you get the documents from their email to set it up.

LDS Donations



Electronic Donations to Church Headquarters Through Bill Payment Service

Donations through bill payment services can be accepted for: Tithing, General Fast Offerings, General Missionary Fund (no Ward Missionary option is available through bill pay), Book of Mormon Fund, PEF (Perpetual Education Fund), and “Other” (the General Humanitarian Aid Fund). Bill payment donations cannot accommodate requests to send funds to a ward for fast offerings or missionary support. If you wish to give to your local fast offering or ward missionary fund you will need to give the donation directly to your ward.

In order for your donations to correctly post to your desired categories at church headquarters you must set up separate bill payments for each category to which you wish to donate. For example, if you would like to make a tithing donation and a donation for the General Missionary Fund, you must setup a bill-payment instruction named “LDS-Tithing” and a separate one named “LDS-Missionary (General)” on your banks’ bill payment system. The EXACT category names must be used and are case sensitive. Shown below are the exact names that must be used for the various donation categories:


LDS-Fast Offering

LDS-Missionary (General)

LDS-Book of Mormon



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