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Amy Winehouse Is Dead


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I'm very sad to hear about this, but I'm not surprised. Her lifestyle destroyed her. I don't care what anyone says about her, though—she was a very talented individual, and I'm sad to see such a gifted musician go at such a young age.

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She was 27, my word that is awful. But yeah I hope her death sends a signal to people that use drugs that they are in control of you. I hope Lindsay Lohan gets the message and she gets help. Its so crazy!

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While I dont know this person at all, I have read a little regarding her situation before death. I takes a lot of courage to do the right thing in the face of so much that may be lost. In this case, it would seem that she knew she had a big problem, but just refused to go to rehab - she even wrote a song about it. But there is something in this that everyone can learn. Would we do the right thing, if we knew it was the right thing? Even in a situation where the people surrounding us and supporting us didnt agree?

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