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The Mormon Church And The Media’S ‘Cult’ Box

Fly Fisherman

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Your church and a bunch of others. No harm no foul. Just cause they say it don't mean it's so!

The have every Priest in our church out to be child molesters! So what! Just cause they say it don't mean it's so!

Agreed. Your church is definitely not what they make it out to be... and the news keeps going on and on... cuz they like ranting.

I really dislike the news =(.

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That was a well written and very thoughtful article.

Unfortunately, the media, today, has become very "yellow" in that they love to sensationalize, in any way they can. That's the world media, not just the U.S. Also, most unfortunately, that is what gets people's attention.

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Or this, which should appeal to a British journalist: Manchester United and cult - more than 2 million. Since “poodles and cult” returns millions of results too, here’s my less-than-profound conclusion: Google indexes a lot of pages. Or that something sinister is going on with poodles.

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