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Invitation For Thoughts And Prayers

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My wife is going to be having surgery early tomorrow - a hysterectomy - in an attempt to halt the spread of a rare form of cancer. I'm not usually one to request the prayers of others publicly, but after having many recent experiences lately that have been, in many ways, 'feeling' the prayers and thoughts of others, I wanted to just put it out there for those so inclined. She's 26 years old. We have one wonderful, beautiful, perfect 17 month old child, whose birth is a miracle in and of itself.


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Update: My wife is out of surgery, and seems to be recovering slowly, but surely. The surgery went very well. And although we won't know for sure until further pathology results are in, it doesn't appear that the cancer had spread beyond the uterus - which was cleanly extracted. So, yay for that :D

I honestly and sincerely appreciate all the thoughts and prayers - those expressed, and those kept private. Thank you.

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I add my prayers, Nack... that she will continue recovering nicely. I'm sure she knows not to lift anything for several weeks... her doc can guide her. She'll need to rely on you for many things these next weeks or she could have complications.


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Oh wow. What a hard thing to go through! I will keep your family in my prayers.

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