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My Son Has Another Baptism Tomorrow, The Tone Of Letters Has Changed.

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In the beginning my son went on a mission because of the urging of parents and leaders that he would learn and grow in the gospel.

In his letters as of late that has changed…he now serves the Savior, and thanks use profusely for getting him there. After six months he is upbeat and “converted”.

Adam fell that men might be and men are that they might have joy.

My baby boy is becoming a man…this is bitter sweet.

My heart swells with pride at the man he is becoming, and aches that he is no longer my “little boy”, who needs me as much.

Parenthood…what a paradox!

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I can understand your feelings... a mission really does have an effect on the "boys" that at 19 leave home and family and go out to preach the gospel.

In my ward there is a family that I'm particularly fond of... the brother stood proxy for my husband when I was sealed to him; the sister has always been a good friend; I watched their children grow up, including their oldest son who just returned from his mission.

When he left he was a quiet, shy boy... but he came home a thoughtful, confident young man, strong in his testimony and in the gospel. His parents were amazed as his letters also reflected his growth as his mission progressed.

The other day a stake speaker was late getting to our ward and this newly returned home young man was called upon to speak, and he gave a wonderful impromptu talk from the scriptures.


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That's wonderful Pa Pa. How are YOU and Sister Pa Pa doing? When my son went on his mission there was a hole in my heart as big as a basketball and it didn't close up until the day his skinny little arms were around me again (and he was very skinny when he came back to me.)

We live for Monday’s because we get to hear from him…every Sunday when all the children and grandchildren are over for supper, he is missed even more. My wife and I are the youngest in our families, and have a special place in our hearts for him, our youngest. Since I adopted my oldest daughter (my wife’s child, but mine as if I had given birth to her myself), this is the first time in 35 years we have lived alone. 18 more months to go and counting.

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Pa Pa, thats awesome. Last Sunday in church, there was a young man who bore his testimony. I could tell he wasnt just saying it, he said he actually knew the church was true. I knew he knew, because I could feel it. Isn't it awesome how they suddenly find guidance from another source of truth. I cant think of a moment that would make me more proud as a father.

Good job!

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