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I'M Having Shoulder Surgery....

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Good luck, Rob. Do ALL of the physical therapy they recommend!!


I agree, Rob, it is absolutely essential to recovery that you do all of the P.T.

About a year and a half ago I had a knee replaced... and my recovery was much quicker than a brother in the ward because I was diligent in P.T. whereas he was not, and he suffered for it and has had problems.

Good luck... I think you'll be able to participate here more than you realize...

from the beach... on a cloudy, breezy morning, after a fantastically beautiful weekend where we hosted the annual Kite Festival.


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I thought you'd want to know that I am having shoulder surgery tomorrow (Monday) to repair a torn rotator cuff, and I don't know how long I will be away from the computer.


but honestly dude, hurry up and get yourself better. And be sure to stretch out that shoulder. You don't want any scar tissues forming around the nerves, but with today's surgery techniques, that might not be a problem.

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Having had my share of surgery, I wish you a smooth, speedy recovery. :)

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Thanks for the kind thoughts. I'm back, but still recovering, and my involvement here will be more limited than usual.

Hi Rob,

I was just wondering how you are doing now that a little time has passed. Have you started any physical therapy yet?

All the best!


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