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Happy Midsummer!

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As you know, today is the summer solstice. This is my holiday card for all of you.

This day of Alban Heurin is the hinge and center of the year. The sun stands at meridian height. At this time, the bond between heaven and Earth is strongest, and the Sun, the regent of light and the center of the spinning worlds, makes most urgent his message at this turning point of the year. The meaning of Alban Heruin is the Light of the Shore, for the shore is the meeting place of sea and land, where the two borders tremble together in a circle around the Earth. Thus we celebrate the glory of high summer, remembering the winter past and the winter to come.

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I cut my own divining rod last night (the eve of Summer solstice). Can't wait to use it. I'm gonna be rich! Oh... and if you have any questions for God/spirits/angels, let me know. But only questions that require yes/no answers please.

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