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Some Polynesians Are Descendants Of S. Americans


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Now – 64 years later- new research has finally proved the adventurer was at least partly right after all.

A team of scientists have tested the genetic make up of descendants of the original islanders and found it includes DNA that could have only come from native Americans.

No date given for when the contribution of DNA took place in the article though, just prior to European encounters.
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I didn't read the article yet, but it only makes sense to me as a sailor that migration occured from S.A. to Polynesia. This is the predominant direction of the trade winds. If you want to go from Asia to S.A. you'll have to do it down in the roaring 40's.

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This is another piece of the puzzle of why the Comoros Island and the village of Moroni, off the east coast of Africa share names from the Book of Mormon. I suspect that the more erudite anti-Mormons will be forced to drop this from their arsenal. The Comoros Island and the once small hamlet of Moroni are now just more evidence of the divine nature of the Book of Mormon.

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