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New Book From The Maxwell Institute

Daniel Peterson

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John W. Welch and Donald W. Parry, The Tree of Life: From Eden to Eternity (Provo: The Maxwell Institute, 2011):

"The Cherubim, the Flaming Sword, the Path, and the Tree of Life" (Donald Parry)

"The Tree of Life in the Hebrew Bible and Later Jewish Thought" (Andrew C. Skinner)

"The Fragrant Tree" (Margaret Barker)

"The Tree of Life in the New Testament and Christian Tradition" (John W. Welch)

"The Tree of Life in John's Gospel" (C. Wilfred Griggs)

"'I Have Dreamed a Dream': Lehi's Archetypal Vision of the Tree of Life" (Charles Swift)

"The World Tree and Maya Theology" (Allen J. Christenson)

"The Tree of Life in the Catholic Religious and Liturgical Imagination" (Jaime Lara)

"The Qur’anic Tree of Life" (Daniel C. Peterson) -- a somewhat Mormonized version of a paper also published, earlier this year in Beirut, in Al-Umma wa-al-dawla wa-al-tarikh wa-al-masa’ir, a festschrift for Prof. Ridwan Al-Sayyid on his sixtieth birthday

"The Tree of Life in Asian Art, Religion, and Folklore: A Sampling of the Evidence" (John M. Lundquist)

"The Tree of LIfe: A Cross-Cultural Perspective in Mormon Art" (Richard Oman)

Selected Bibliography (Daniel B. McKinlay)

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