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My Own Personal Articles Of Faith

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Because Rob wanted to know, I thought I'd lay it all out.

It is the results of heavy reflection of the scriptures, personal experience and observation. I don't claim them to be Inspired. I claim for them to be where I'm at right now.

My Current Articles of Faith (as of June 2011)

I believe that God is Eternal, and that God is Love.

I believe that the essence of mankind is coeternal with God.

I believe that God is our Father through adoption – He foundus, and we assented to His guidance.

I believe that God’s goals are to see that We obtain what Hehas obtained, and that He devotes His existence to Service to fulfilling this End, that we all become united in Love in the Divine Unity.

I believe that God had a key, special, and essential interest in the formation of our Universe, and the setting in play of the Natural Laws thereof.

I believe that biological death is part of the natural orderof things, and was not universally brought about by any single individual.

I believe that homo-sapiens evolved on this ancient world andfulfilled the physical and intellectual needs of hosts fitting eternal intelligences to progress as part fullness of their moral development.

I believe that at biological death, the eternal essence of man is separated from the biological host.

I believe that God has revealed himself to Man in many ways throughout the history of Man’s development, and used their current social and cultural development as landmarks, symbols and ‘language’ used to present andreveal aspects of Himself, and our goals

I believe that as man acts in accordance with the divine Will, He is approaching God, and will be more susceptible to receiving greater light.

I believe that through time and circumstances and developing sensitivities, God adjusts and steps forward our understanding and knowledge of Him.

I believe that scripture is a written expression or interpretation of God’s will and dealings with and for humanity through the lens of those who have been granted unique views of sacred and divine insight, knowledge, and Wisdom.

While extremely and essentially valuable as landmarks and guides and normative symbols to assist in our progression and to the fulfilling of the Divine Purpose, I do not believe scripture is verbally divinely dictated,or otherwise inherently inerrant. As honest, inspired, and faithful as they may have been, I do believe furtherunderstanding and revelation of God’s nature through time can and should reviseand override earlier misconceptions and understandings presented by earlierprophetic voices – but it should not be done lightly, or without Just Cause.

I believe that concepts of divine need for Blood Sacrifice and Divine Retribution which were immersed in primitive societies were adopted by necessity as useful symbols by the Divine for teaching key principles , but are not inherent or True aspects of the divine, and are, now, antiquated cultural practicesand symbols that have lost their relevance, power, and full impact of meaning.

I believe that the clearest and most perfect manifestationof God was in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus was God in Flesh. He did all that God would do as a mortal human. He showed us the model of DivinePerfection. We saw in Him revealed perfectly – and incarnate - the goal of whatGod wants for all humanity. All scripture – past and future – should beinterpreted in the light of the actions and life of this Man of Men. I believethat all aspects of His life are part of the great and universal principle ofAtonement, which, when applied, bring us At One with God. The Murder of Christ/God revealed who we currently were, contrasted with Christ – who God actually Was, and what He was striving for us to Become.

I believe that Joseph Smith received sacred and divine insight, knowledge, and Wisdom specifically relevant and designed to press useven closer to comprehending, gathering, and accomplishing the Divine Will and Goal.

I believe that the Church founded by Joseph Smith that exists today as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints proclaims the framework for the clearest and most accurate expression and actualization of the DivineWill, and that it is accepted as a Unique vessel through which further developmental revelations will be accepted and promulgated as mankind is ready for those declarations.

I do not believe the Church not its leaders are perfect, andI do not believe they are never in error.

I do believe the Church and its leaders honestly strive to serve God, and in doing so, to serve Mankind.

I do believe the Church is the vessel God has elected to useas a unique authoritative doctrinal mouthpiece, and voice of prophetic warning.

I do not believe the Church and its members have the sole claim to receiving inspiration and light and knowledge, but that it does havethe responsibility in gathering and officially proclaiming the truth whereverit is found or originates.

I believe that a key goal is to not just obtain the divine purpose communally after this life, but to strive to build a community of thosewith God-like (Christ-like) attributes here and now. That this is the “Millennium”/ “Zion” that has been presented to us a divine goal.

I believe this cannot be accomplished in a single generation, but every generation serves to contribute to making this more of apossibility for the next generation.

I believe any torment experienced by the eternal essence of man following biological death is not incurred by God by divine fiat, but is the consequences of recognition of one’s rebellion to the divine will, and lack of unity.

I believe those who recognize and trust in the full and complete Love of God – especially as made manifest in the life of Jesus Christ –will desire to participate in God’s goal.

I believe that serving one’s fellow man is participating inGod’s goal, and is serving His purposes.

I believe that today, the symbol/metpahor of the IdealFamily is being presented and emphasized to the world as the Revelation of God,and our relationship to Him, and His relationship to Us. I believe this trumps earlier cultural scriptural presentations of God as a Warrior King, to whom weare to view ourselves as trembling slaves.

I believe God loves all of us, and will not stop giving opportunities for His Children to choose to join in the divine unity and fullnessof Love.

I believe that nearly everything else are quibbling details.

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I am not sure what you mean by "lack of unity" but I would suggest that at least part of the torment anyone would suffer, the 'punishment' part of it so to speak as opposed to the pain of separation with God is the consequences of recognition of the harm done to others through one's sins (mistakes/transgression)...we are 'punished' by our total awareness of what we put other people and God through, thus suffering exactly what we caused them to suffer and even more from the guilt of being the aggressors. It is a step toward unity with the family of God in that we are more concerned with what happened to others than we were once, but it is not completed until we are healed and allow ourselves to truly accept the oneness of the Father by not standing apart from the Lord and his Children through our insistence in holding on to guilt, pride, or whatever stands in the joining as one.

PS: Like your version. good.gif

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