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When Our Critics Go Too Far; Is It Spiritual Blindness?

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Over the last 4 years I have seen people come and go…for a while it was me. But one thing that never changes is that our critics; from the uneducated to the educated share a common thread. They are unwilling to give on any point that might bolster our faith.

I was involved in a debate with a long time poster here…no longer here on another site about the cross, and why we are not “Christian” because we do not adorn our buildings with the cross. I pointed out that there are many versions of the cross, and that at times the Romans would even use a tree to execute enemies of the State. He then posted a recent picture of Golgotha and pointed out there are no trees there, as such Mormonism is wrong. He felt that he had won a great victory. The post about trees was not an issue. Not to mention the picture was from today and Christ died there 2,000+ years ago.

Recently it has been by a more educated individual who could not even admit that Joseph might have been made fun off or been persecuted for saying that he saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. Forget the vision; the doctrine alone of seeing God manifest as two beings would have been enough to cause Joseph to experience what he said he did.

Do they not fear that by never giving one inch, while going to great lengths to defend even the most absurd doctrines of their own, renders them irrelevant in the debate? Most of this is driven by peer pressure as many have blogs, websites, subscribers and so forth to which they must answer.

So my question is three fold…

Are they just Spiritually blind?

Is it peer pressure, alone?


If we took the peer pressure out of the equation and spoke privately, would this change anything?

One side bar question…

What is the most outrageous argument you have ever heard to discredit our faith that rendered the poster irrelevant?

One of the pearls I see is that Joseph was not a martyr because he did fighting for the life of his friends and family.

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