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A Ray Of Sunshine

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From so many of our posts, it seems that so many of us view the world through "a glass darkly" or through dark clouds. To me it is good to see a ray of sunshine occasionally. I saw one a couple of Sundays ago.

We have a young man in our ward who is devlopmentally handicapped. He is viewed by some as a nuisance because he will grab onto your hand and pelt you with incessant questions. However, this young man is struggling against trmendous odds. He has learned how to be reliable and hold down a public job. He has even obtained his driver's license and owns his own automobile, which is amazing in its own right, if you know much about this young man.

He has been ordained a priest for some time, but until about two weeks ago, had never blessed the Sacrament. His reading skills are minimal and his speech skills not much better. But he wanted to bless the Sacrament. An he was given that opportunity. His speech was slow and halting, and some of the words unintelligible, but he persvered through. In normal circumstances, the Bishop would have had the prayer repeated. In this case, the spirit prevailed over the letter, and the prayer was accepted. I offered my own sincere amen to his.

Of course Fred went about the chapel and foyer afterwards asking everyone if they heard him. I assured him that indeed I had heard him and that he had done a wonderful job. And yes, he had.


Thank You for this...

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We had a young man in our last ward who was physically and mentally disabled to the point he had to have a full time caregiver, a very sweet and caring young man who very much desired to go on a mission, not something that was possible at the time so the bishop and others arranged for him to go on a daytime service mission where he worked on collecting info of some sort and putting it into a database (at the local LDS Social Services). His caregiver probably did the majority of the work, but it didn't matter to anyone involved; the young man was the motivating spirit behind the work so it was obvious to everyone that it was his mission and he had every right to be proud of what he was accomplishing....and he certainly enjoyed sharing that spirit of missionary work with anyone who would listen.

Nowadays I believe this is something that is available on a wider basis which I think is a great idea, everyone should be able to serve in the work of the Lord if they have the desire even when that service actually creates more mundane work for others, the Gospel is not about getting things done in the most efficient and practical way, but about creating a community where all God's children are one in heart, mind and body, as inequal as they all may be.

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Just a few weeks ago we had a young man who I'm not sure is even a reader, who also required help, and in this instance our bishop went and knelt right beside him and whispered the words of the sacrament prayer in his ear which the young man still got a couple wrong, but it was a great spirit to see the bishop with him.

I've seen many things like this as far as helping young men do their deacon and priests work; young adult men who help an 11 year old boy, developmentally disabled, during class times so his mom doesn't have to do it, and can enjoy Relief Society; and a lovely down's syndrome woman, who I think is now about 30, but she was in young women's until she was about 24, and then after that she brings her barbies and coloring books to Relief Society, but she often gives the prayer, or stands in front to show reverence. And she always gives a powerful testimony almost every fast sunday, where she testifies frequently that she has seen Jesus Christ.

I believe her.

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... [T]he Gospel is not about getting things done in the most efficient and practical way, but about creating a community where all God's children are one in heart, mind and body, as inequal as they all may be. (Emphasis mine.)

Geez, if t'were, dya think any of us, developmentally challenged or not, would be involved?! ;):D (Personally, I doubt it!) And that's a very touching, very heartwarming story, Bro. Glenn. Thanks for sharing! :)

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