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Mormon And The New Testament


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Guard 1: It's not a question of where he grips it. It's a simple question of weight ratios. A five-ounce bird could not carry a one-pound scroll!

Depends on whether it's African or European.

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Back on topic, I had an experience last year which has coloured the way I view these kinds of questions. I'd been helping one of my priests prepare to receive his patriarchal blessing, including fasting with him on the day. Unfortunately, however, he came down sick with a fever that day and had to break fast early. He felt bad about this and sent me a text message telling me dejectedly what had happened. Wanting to be as supportive and encouraging as possible, I said a quick prayer for inspiration and sent him back a lengthy TXT which I hoped would do the job.

Despite feeling unwell, he went ahead and received his blessing that evening. He and his parents had invited me to join them at the patriarch's home for the event, which I was honoured to do. During the speaking of the blessing, imagine my surprise when the patriarch spoke what I thought were the exact words which I had earlier written in my message to this Young Man! Later, when the transcript of the blessing arrived, I asked if I could check it, and there was in fact a single-word difference, but otherwise the patriarch and I had said/written the exact same thing to this faithful pries--and none of it taken from scripture or any other common source.

I had been worrying around this time that I didn't always know what I was supposed to say in the performance of my calling, and I'd even told my bishop that the thing I coveted most was the wisdom which Heavenly Father has to know the exact thing to say/do to help one of His children out. I therefore saw this experience as a divine assurance that, despite my lack of wisdom, I can indeed be inspired to know what I should say. At the same time, it clarified for me that God really can inspire two completely different people to speak the identical (or nearly so) set of words.

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