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Attn: Is This Not An Lds Apologetics Board Any More?

saint gato

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Err... it's still there - it's just a few topics down on the list.

We are an apologetics board I guess you could say. But I would hope we are more than that too - apologetics isn't useful for everything ;-)

Best Wishes, and welcome to the board :D


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do you guys no longer participate in apologetics here any more (as my post got deleted)?

There was a board software update about 6 months ago. We tried to save all of the threads. I know we missed some. It is possible that yours got left out. If it did do not take it personal as it was not some mission of the archivers to miss peoples threads. If you wish, start up a new thread and we will discuss it.

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Im just asking because my post about 'what is the gospel according to the LDS got deleted. so I thought it was a taboo question that no one wanted to discuss

Are you asking what is the Good News?

There is a Prophet on earth as in times of old.

The Priesthood authority has been restored

The Church of acient days has been reorganized.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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