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Wnd Now Allowing Comments On Their Articles And Opinion Pieces


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World Net Daily may be a well known 'conservative' news website that is often quoted and referenced in the mainstream news media. However, with the website run mainly by evangelicals, WND is also very notorious for Mormon bashing.

Simply type the word 'Mormon' into their search engine and see all the anti-Mormon hit pieces listed on there and in their archives, especially the articles done by Janet Porter during the 2008 GOP primary. :nea:

There is also much more, besides the rabid Romney-bashing on there and a occasional critique of Glenn Beck and 'his faith'.

However, I recently explored the site and noticed that they now allow comments on their news items and opinion articles.

So if any of you want to go on there and look up the anti pieces and speak out on them, or comment on their recent stuff that portrays our faith not-so-accurately, I encourage you to do so. :good:

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Seeing as the current headline on the site relates to questioning the veracity of the Obama birth certificate, you should probably put "news" in quotes as well...

Good idea. WND is something that shouldn't be taken seriously at all- yet it is by many people, and unfortunately, a few news networks out there too.

Without including the Mormon-bashing pieces, most of their news is sensationalist garbage to me; if I want to read news from a truly conservative, yet logical perspective, I usually get my news from The New American website; they're quite conservative, yet more accurate and practical in their reporting and dialog, when compared to WND or even Fox News.

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