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John Dehlin


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If you have not heard, it appears John stopped going to church some time back and has an appointment with SP tonight:

My thoughts are with John and his family at this time. I figured he deserves a note on this board .

You, the Church, and Mormon Stories

May 3, 2011

By John Dehlin

I have the opportunity to meet with a church leader Thursday night. I would love to gather as much information as I can from you about:

* Your situation/thoughts/feelings with regard to the church.

* What you feel you are needing/lacking that the church has not yet been able to provide.

* How Mormon Stories has helped in that journey (if it has).

Also, please direct your comments (if you can) to your own situation/thoughts/feelings/needs regarding the church…vs. on compliments (or criticisms) to any one person involved in Mormon Stories, Mormon Matters, etc.

My hope is that this information will adequately convey what needs are “out there” within the church, and what we’re trying to do to support those needs.

Finally, please keep this as constructive as you can, so that it will be heard…and prove useful.

Thanks in advance.

John Dehlin

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I was under the impression it was just a meet and greet and and he wasn't planning on resigning anytime soon, but I could be wrong

Yes that has been rumored as well. But I do believe I read somewhere that he stated that he had not requested this "meet and greet"

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Yes that has been rumored as well. But I do believe I read somewhere that he stated that he had not requested this "meet and greet"

Maybe his SP wants to sell him something! like candles or lanterns or something!

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Here, I found it from the horses mouth: This is from John posting on Post Mormon

John Dehlin here.

A few really quick things...

1) Thanks for all the kind and encouraging words

2) Yes....my wife and I no longer attend church, and we no longer are willing to act or appear as though we believe the fundamental truth claims (given existing information)

3) Just for accuracy's sake (folks are writing stuff on Facebook)....I do not at this time have plans to resign, and my meeting Thursday night is at the request of my SP.

Thx again for the kind words of support and encouragement.


Best wishes for tonight John!

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