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"Parable Of The Faithful Gardener"


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The following parable was giving to me by the Lord today, May 4th, 2011, as I awoke in the morning...

TheParable of the Faithful Gardener”

There once lived a gardener that was given stewardship by the King over hisgarden. The previous gardener had sown much seed, but later did nottend to the garden or nurture the plants as instructed by the King and added chemicals to the garden thinking it would make the plants grow.

When the gardener looked at the garden it was full of weeds, thorns andthistles, and rocks. So the gardener went to work pulling the weedsfrom around the plants of the garden. He also began to clear away thethorns and thistles and the rocks. When he cleared away the thornsand thistles and rocks he found plants that had began to grow but had shriveled because of their circumstances. He began, also, to nurture these plants and many which once were thought to be lost began to grow again.

As the gardener continued to nurture and care for the garden, the plants began to grow strong and bare much fruit. Eventually, the Kingdecided to erect a wall around this now prized garden saying, “When my enemies come against my Kingdom I want this place protected to provide food and safety for my people.”

After a time the enemies of the King did come against the Kingdom. The people fled to this protected garden. When they entered they fell down in wonder at the beauty of the garden and the fruit it grew that would provide for all. Many came to the gardener saying,”Had we known, we would have heeded your counsel.” For the gardener had invited them many times to see his garden and learn how to grow their gardens like wise, but they had ignored his invitations. “I am glad you are here now.”, was the gardeners response.

After being sieged roundabout for many days, the King and his army came to rid his Kingdom of his enemies. Peace was established again in the land, and the gardener, the faithful gardener, was made master gardener over all the King's gardens.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear."

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