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Would The Mormon Church Ever Be Willing To Update The Scriptures?

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The Church does not discourage private use of whatever version you wish to use. I have the NET Bible and I use it.

As a Church, though, each region (region based on language) will have their version and while not impossible to change, I doubt it would.

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As Mars said, you can use whatever version you choose, but, the LDS KJV includes footnotes, etc., linking to our other Scriptures like BoM, D&C, and PoGP. So my suggestion would be to keep a copy of the standard works which includes the LDS edition, plus a version of the KJV that you prefer if that is easier.


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Members of the church are free to use the NKJV if they choose to, find it helpful in their study. I think it is doubtful that the Church will change the official version, if only because of the effort that has been put in to provide the Cross reference and footnotes in teh LDS version. But since we are free to access current scholarship ourselves, it shouldn' t matter much.

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