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Home Teaching the Bishop

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Wow, that blog post was awesome, Seth!

Very well said!

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Thanks Libs!

Jwhitlock, mercyandgrace, and Libs -- thanks for your comments. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend.

You're welcome. Thank you so much for sharing that. Hope you had a wonderful Easter, as well. :)

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I agree 100%. Its my belief, and probably yours, that discussion of controversial things is good, as long as the spirit of contention is kept at bay. We can look at someones experience or view typed in a post and we have a choice: Either participate in discovery of that experience or view, ignore it altogether, or attack the person posting it. It doesnt seem to me that attacking the person posting it isnt very Christlike.

I home teach a couple that is in thier 90's. They served several missions, and he served as a mission president in Africa when Specer W Kimball made big changes. Everytime I go over there I am amazed at where the discussion goes and how much I learn.

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How many calories does a slice of "Humble pie" have? It doesn't matter if you have to eat it anyway.

Sounds like your bishop is a born diplomat. I hate him already. I have been working on getting to such a place for the last couple of years and have eaten my fair share of "humble pies". Bitter and hard to swallow with wonderful results. Politics, Religion, and Racism are difficult topics to discuss without contention; but I have learned over time with patients, understanding and checking the ego discussing hot button topics without contention is possible.

Thanks for your post.

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