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J. Golden Kimball's vision of Satan


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I came upon this little item a bit ago and thought it was interesting,

"After making my declaration in the Logan tabernacle, that I would never doff my hat and be servile to any man because of his money, that night I had a dream. I am not a dreamer; I believe in dreams when they come true, and I haven't any use for them until they do. It was very vivid. I haven't forgotten it, and it has been nearly forty years since it occurred. I have not repeated it but a few times. The devil appeared to me at the northeast corner of the Temple block. I was not very well acquainted with the devil. Brother Maeser used to tell us he was a great general; the man that I saw, and I seemed to know he was Satan, was of great personality in appearance, in height and bigness; he was dark and swarthy and seemed to be a real man. When he looked at me with those black eyes they pierced me to the soul. I trembled as I did in the woods when I was filled with the Holy Spirit of God. I trembled from head to heels with fear. He repeated what I had said at the Logan tabernacle. The Spirit of God came on me and thrilled me from crown to toe. I told him I would not bow to man. I then became frightened and ran like a coward. I was arrested and put in jail for four years. I saw myself come out of jail. My clothes were threadbare. I was thinner than I am now, if such a thing can be possible: but I was free. In four years from that time our creditors stripped us to the skin, and that dream came true. I do not want any more dreams of that kind"

Elder J. Golden Kimball

First Council of the Seventy

October 1931, General Conference

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