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Claremont Graduate University or GTU/UC Berkeley?

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Hmmm ... Have no expertise in the area and only a passing knowledge of Claremont. I wonder, is cost an issue? If so, would Claremont be the better deal? "History of Christianity" sounds a lot more all-encompassing to me (ECFs, et cetera); if one's interest centers more on the 19th-20th centuries, "Religion in North America" sounds like it would fit that bill better.

But feel free to ignore my opinion. :P

I appreciate your opinion. Thanks for sharing. Cost isn't an issue in this scenario. But Claremont might be a better deal, depending on how long it takes after coursework is completed, since GTU's continuing fee is $3,800 (a semester) compared to Claremont's $1,730. GTU's tuition is $13,250 (a semester) compared to Claremont's $18,187.

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My advice: See if you can discover how long students are taking to complete the respective degrees. Remember, there are dissertations and then there are DISSERTATIONS. Go to a program that requires a dissertation.

Great advice. Thanks David.

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I am the grad student who was accepted by these schools.

Tough tough choice that I need to make in the next couple of days. So far Claremont has out bid Berkeley for scholarship money. Berkeley is now trying to find a little more to win me over.

If Berkeley can offer a financial package that is comparable to what Claremont has offered, I will probably choose Berkeley.

Down side of Berkeley is that they will require me to be proficient in two modern languages. Also... the program isn't as narrowly focused as I'd want it to be. Fortunately, though, having talked with my adviser, the program seems flexible enough to allow me to focus a large portion of my studies on the Jacksonian era to the turn of the 20th century. My adviser would also consider Freemasonry and Folk-magic/religion under the umbrella of Christianity.

One of the coolest things about Berkeley is that a Swedenborgian school is part of their consortium. They have one of the four Swedenborgian libraries that exist worldwide.

I'd love to do a dissertation on Swedenborgianism and Mormonism or Swedenborgianism and Freemasonry (the Swedenborgian Rite).

It seems that Berkeley would also have better work opportunities for me while doing my grad studies. I also like that it is a joint program with UC Berkeley. It will be nice to take coursework at the UC.

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