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Rush Limbaugh taking missionary discussions


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The 32nd of March, huh? It must be April Fool's where you are ..... :P

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Yes, the day when you dare not take anything at all you read in the papers and online at face value.

If that is so, then, when it comes to me reading certain people's posts about Mormons having problems of taking scriptures out of context, then every day is April 1st. Whistle.png

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Bravo Mikey!

Only confirms more of your anti-Mormon sentiments like when you snidely stated "Don't Mormons believe that Jesus and Satan are brothers?". While also claiming to "not know much about Mormons" yet was the keynote speaker for the June 1998, Southern Baptist Convention in Salt Lake City.

You do realize that Huckabee didn't say that, right? The whole thing is an April Fools Day joke. :P

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IIRC, he's a pretty devout Catholic. However, once shown the implicit LDS doctrine that the LoC and even the Gospel itself exist only under conditions of economic and spiritual free-market capitalism, he might be convinced.

Sure, as long as we throw out every passage in the scriptures that actually deals with issues related to economics, that makes sense.

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Well, if he isn't, he should be.


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IIRC, he's a pretty devout Catholic.

Sorry, I have listened to Limbaugh since his inaugural broadcast on KFBK radio in Sacramento nearly 30 years ago. (Somewhat less regularly of late than early on, but still frequently.) I have never heard him say anything about his religious faith, and any mention of religion is missing from his entry in Wikipedia (yes, I know, not only arguing from silence, but from Wikipedia?!?).

His very good friend, Tom Sullivan, is a devout Catholic, and makes (or made, I haven't heard him since we moved from California) no bones about letting people know his affiliation.


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