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Shawn McCraney on Book of Mormon Historicity



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  1. 1. Is the Church moving away from viewing the Book of Mormon as Historical?

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No, the church isn't moving away from it =). I remember many talks on it in sacrament, sunday school, seminary, and stake conference (hey, they all start with the letter 'S'). Nah, I believe the Book of Mormon is a historically accurate book. It's just so much more useful spiritually, as Rivers says, that it's kinda less useful to focus on the historicity when you can focus on the spiritual aspect =).

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McCraney is as stated previously a King of the Strawman argument, he can win every time if he set's up those strawmen, the really disappointing thing is there is actually people out there who watch his show and can't see how much of a amateur he is.

The best part of McCraney's show is that from what I have been told it had gotten more people to convert to the LDS Church than it has gotten members to leave, so Shawn is accidentally a LDS missionary because he is such a failure as an Anti-Mormon. I don't know if this is fact or fiction, but it is what I have been told.

Any confirming sources or opposing sources are welcomed!

Many years ago, when Ed Decker came out with his "Godmakers" video (on VHS), many Mormons were very offended. However, according to friends in the Phoenix, Arizona, area at that time, when his video had been shown widely, Missionary baptisms increased. Why? Some have speculated that Decker's video created interest in the Church and gave the missionaries many more invitations to give their lessons -- where normally people would turn the missionaries away saying, "Not interested."

That goes along with the old saying by celebrities: "Don't care what you say about me, just spell my name right."

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Shawn McCraney will read this since anything that pertains to him - he will have his eyes and ears that are all over the internet to alert him.

Shawn, old buddy, have you seen this

? I know, I know - evidence only strengthens the faithful, but I wouldn't make the claim that the Book of Mormon has no historicity for the science fields are continually discovering what the Book of Mormon already knows.
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I have to say he is unworthy of such a good Gaelic name. (It helps a little that Sean is spelled wrong.) He should change it to a Sassenach or Formorian name. Maybe "Norman England?"

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