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Strange occurence in my family history


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In growing up, in Canada, the only members of the Church I knew of were my family and my Mom's cousin and his family, of whom we never met. I am doing my family history and stumbled across this person reserving or something a sealing that needs to be done. So I was perplexed as to who this person was doing this. So I had their email adress and I emailed them asking if they were members or if they were related and they are members and are blood relatives, apparently there is a whack of them in Virgina Beach, USA. So I guess they are my fifth cousins and we here in Canada didn't even know of their existence and they are Mormons! In addition another person reserved a sealing to be done and I got there email address and they are Mormons also! So strange that these people I never who they were are now turning up and American and LDS!

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I had a very interesting customer (from my day job) call in and I noticed her last name was the same as mine. I could tell by her tone that she was African American. So I asked her about her ancestry. She was in her late 70's and we talked about an hour about that. Both of our lineages come from Ireland, but her family took to the south and started up a plantation. They had slaves there, and she was particularly proud of her lineage and had a lot of good information about how they made it out west. Since then, I have met another African American with the same last name, and similar history. I

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