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War and Peace in Our Times: Mormon Perspectives

Bill Hamblin

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Thanks for posting this. I would have preferred something like the FARMS conference that is now published as Warfare in the Book of Mormon, but it was still a great conference.

And this time out, a minority report was allowed a proper place at the lectern.

See the whole program for this fine symposium HERE. The videos and the Q&A for each session (at link) are worth our time for the light they throw on war & peace (????? ? ???) in an LDS context via substantive discussion of Scripture and of history. The "inside dope" as it were.

I found the addresses of Mike Quinn, Gordon Thomasson, and Ron Madson of particular interest and look forward to formal publication of the whole symposium.

This certainly showcases the seriousness and strength of the Mormon Studies program at CGU.

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