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Do you realize all the options for question #2 are contradictory to the first option of question #1? (It forces a response to both.)

Perhaps you assumed no one would ever answer "no"?

Well its my first experience creating a poll. :P Just have the best experience you can with it. Thanks!

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I'll describe two of them. Both involved small children with bad ear infections. Small as in about 2 years old or less. One was my youngest son, the other was the young daughter of a family in our ward.

In both cases, there was no instant healing, but both had been inconsolable with the pain and discomfort, and immediately after a priesthood blessing both were able to go right to sleep and evidenced no further discomfort, though the infection was still active.

In the case of my son, whom we took to the doctor the next day, the doctor was initially skeptical about the infection because in his observation and that of the nurses my son acted as if nothing was wrong at all, playing happily in the waiting room. Then he took a look in the ear we said the problem was and was astonished. He told us that the infection was quite bad, from the appearance of the thing, but he couldn't understand why my son wasn't screaming in pain. I guess I understood why, but at the same time I was wondering, rebelliously, why, since the painful symptoms had been been taken away, why wasn't the infection eliminated? In a later discussion with my wife over this she pointed out that in the blessing I hadn't directed the infection to be gone, only that his pain be removed and that he be able to go to sleep.

Oh me of little faith, evidently.

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I remember having a 2 year old foster child in our home at one point. She began having horrible nightmares where she would wake up screaming in the middle of the night. There were many of these nights in a row when my wife suggested giving the girl a blessing. The next night before she went to bed, I gave her a blessing that she will be able to sleep throughout the night and that she will be comforted so these nightmares will not bother her. She never had another problem after that and was able to sleep throughout the night.

Another time was with our new puppy. We got her from the pound and she already had a cast on one of her front legs. After we brought her home, we took her to the Vet. The Vet took the cast off and informed us, she has a dislocated shoulder and will need to be operated on to repair. The cost would be around $5000. The Vet wanted us to call back to make an appointment. With her cast off, you can tell she was favoring her leg and limping around the house. That night my wife, son, and I all prayed that the puppy will not need surgery and her pain will stop. The next day, the puppy stopped favoring her front leg. She was jumping around, up, and off the furniture with no problem. We made an appointment with the Vet and he took another look. He then told us, the shoulder healed on its

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