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SL Trib Article Re: Improvement in Convert Retention


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Mormon researchers who pay close attention to LDS Church growth throughout the world see a hint of improvement in the number of converts who progress from baptism to become fully active, faithful Mormons.

A key piece of evidence, says Matt Martinich, a Colorado-based researcher, is in the number of wards and branches in each country.

For decades, say Martinich and colleague David Stewart, the church had poor retention rates, particularly in Latin America. That resulted in a gap between the membership numbers the church reports

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In a long distance relationship, I was definitely concerned how the ward would accept my new member fiance that I baptized last year, but the ward was absolutely perfect in every way possible. The emphasis on convert retention is definitely working and now I am proud to be in that same ward. A new member really has to be surrounded in every possible direction from every member and thank goodness for sister missionaries!

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