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Another Anti-Mormon Diatribe


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Civility and tolerance for thee, but not for me! (Glad I could clear up any confusion about that; you're welcome! :P)

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Help me out. I don't follow this stuff much. What is LGBT?

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This guy was so wrong on so many facts, I would not know where to start. This much I know

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Yeesh. Some people have a real talent for making themselves look like idiots.

It might be because they are idiots. Not that it matters. Nobody watches MSNBC.

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He has toned down his rhetoric somewhat, but the main issue is his logic:

"Citing recently-released statistics showing broad support for LGBT equality among American Catholics, O

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At least that man has publicly admitted that he's a Socialist and albeit a committed one at that.


Though he is still a plastic patty and a disgrace to my Keltic heritage.

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