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Raising the dead?


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Can this story be verified?

Did the doctor who pronounced Eliza dead ever publicly say anything about this one way or the other?

On a Sabbath in late August 1842, President Rigdon went into the public stand near the Temple and testified to the throng that his daughter had been dead, but was now alive. Here is part of a report of his speech as published in the Times and Seasons, of which Joseph was the editor at the time:

He was not upon the stand to renounce his faith in Mormonism, as had been variously stated by enemies and licentious presses, but appeared to bear his testimony of its truth, and add another to the many miraculous evidences of the power of God. Neither did he rise to deliver any regular discourse, but to unfold unto the audience a scene of deep interest, which had occurred in his own family. He had witnessed many instances of the power of God, in this church, but never before had he seen the dead raised: yet, this was a thing that had actually taken place in his own family: his daughter Eliza was dead;

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