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I'm Quite Proud ... Er, Pleased ... With These

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Nicely written. Glad you can put that education to use. ;)

Thanks, Cal. Yes, it's always good to put one's education to use. I'm trapped in the Catch-22 of not being able to get a job because I don't have (the right) experience, and not being able to get experience because I don't have a job. :crazy:

Ah, well! All in good time, I suppose. :P

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Look at you! You're published. Congrats!

Thank you, Seashell. Yes, those are my words, but whose (butt-ugly mug of a) picture did they publish with them?!! ;):crazy::P

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I really like the "Officers who shoot armed suspects" one.

Which is to say, I totally agree with it.

Wow ... total agreement between me and thee! Whodathunkit?! ;) (If you took the time to peruse some of the on-line comments following it, you know how much in the minority we are). Perhaps I'm "playing tennis with the net down" by posting these in the Fellowship Forum so as deliberately to quell dissent; my real reason for doing so is that I couldn't figure out where else shamelessly to tout my recent appearances in print without running afoul of Board rules.

I'm not sure why they didn't use the print headline ("Officers sometimes forced to shoot armed suspects") in the on-line version of that commentary.

Thanks for the compliment. :P

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I have a son, who when he was a teenager, was really upset when some local cops shot and killed somebody. They didn't fire a warning shot or made any attempt to wound him. They warned him, he raised what appeared to be a weapon, and they shot him very dead.

That night in a DND game, I had a monster attacked my son's party and I told him that he had to act like he wanted the police to attack. So he had to fire a warning shot and then only attempt to wound. He died or nearly died several times before he said the police had damn good reasons to do what they did.

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