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There's Still Space Available

Daniel Peterson

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This is just so wrong on so many levels...

Where can I sign up?

LOL, for a second I though, what fool would do this there pirates all over the coast of East Africa, then I realized it was a spoof sight about getting hijacked!

Get idea though, get a bunch of seals and green berets on a cruise ship and wait for the pirates to come then blow them pirates away! yahoo.gif

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You people cruising all over the world are really starting to get annoying. I just saw on facebook that john bytheway is still looking for a few people to go on his trip to manchu pichu with him and now this.

I'm green with envy here people!


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I don't have any "high powered weapons" training. Maybe next year.

Does a .50 cal Desert Eagle count as high powered? If so I am good to go.

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