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LDS Druids and Peacemaking


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From my LDS Druid blog.

One of the things ancient Druids were known for was their ability to make peace. They were so respected in this role that they could walk between two opposing armies and the battle would completely stop.

There are several groups in the world today who have no business fighting each other. ;They have bigger problems to worry about and would be significantly better off if they could get along. I am thinking specifically of the Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland, the Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq, and the Palestinians and Israelis in the Near East as well as many others.

As Latter-Day Saints, we don't need to take sides in any of these conflicts, We have reason in our traditions to support both sides and encourage them to get along.

So, it seems to me that LDS Druids could play a valuable role in stopping the pointless fighting, smacking the various parties upside their collective heads where necessary and getting them to sit down and work things out so they can get along.

Yours under the synergistic oaks

Nathair /|\

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to be a peacemaker, to earn the respect of the both parties will be important. Druid or not, Strive to be a respectable person that loves peace and then people will listen to you.

Or kill you. Hate to be the cynic but those who want peace are often an obnoxious irritant to those who don't.

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Personally I am more of a peace thru superior firepower type of guy. but offering peace is always a noble goal.

Nathair's original intent is to be like the druids in that become a third party to broker a peace between two or more group is what LDS should become. Well it is good idea myself.

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I disagree. In some conflicts, there is a right side which means the other side must be stopped or even destroyed. I suppose in the case where a conflict has a wrong side you could try to convince them it's pointless, but one should not get in the way of the right side. Only if the wrong side utterly repents should the right side cease fire.

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