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KEP - How important was it?


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I did a google on "Nomad" and "Schryver" and it seems there is actually some precedent for believing that Nomad may well be William's sock puppet.

For example, this thread on an exmo board:


I certainly can't say that I'm not guilty of having my own alter egos in the past.

Believe me, I know all about this "sock puppet" accusation. I guess the most obvious difference between Will and me is that he is much more

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One of the things that fasinates me is the lack of importance that KEP had. It's not canonized, it wasn't added to any major Church documentation, and didn't seem to be used in any missionary style capacity. For such a supposedly cornerstone peice in the creation of the BoA, there is very little actual activity surrounding it.

Am I missing something?


I cannot keep track...where did Will go on this debate. I just realized I have not seen him around.

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Sure Will. I have my own set of Samurai swords and a machete, and it is common knowledge to some that I'm an Okinawan martial arts teacher, but I'm talking in real life, not just in rhetoric. I'd never ever use this stuff on anyone. I know better than that.

But I definitely feel that in this thread that you have not done my hypothesis any fundamental damage.

It sure is fun being your own best apologist for your own position, isn't it William? Kind of like having your little buddy doppelganger like if the the Skipper and Gilligan were deformed twins separated at birth.

While it gives you plausible deniability for a little while, it becomes less and less plausible.

At least I know truly who I have been sparring with in this thread. Hope you have a good weekend William. I think maybe I'll dance a little with my wife this evening.


Ed Goble

I do wish Will would break his

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I think it very telling that most of the characters that have an explination do not show up on teh papyri we currently have. How could one claim that the EAG is what was used as a tranlation piece whem most of the characters used are not even found on the papri.

Two reasons. The first is that many characters missing from the papyrus due to damage were "restored" by supplying invented characters from the EA. The second is that characters on the papyrus were "dissected" into more basic component parts found in the EA.

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Nice. Psychological meltdown. Very nice. All this shows how you are indeed William Schryver, as this is precisely the type of stuff that you do.

Ed Goble

I assure you that Nomad is not Will. The posting style is radically different.

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Oh no. Now I am absolutely positive it is him, and now nobody can convince me otherwise.

I guess you have not dialogued enough with him. By all means don't let me get in the way of you believing Nomad is Will. I really don't care.

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By all means don't let me get in the way of you believing Nomad is Will. I really don't care.

In fact wasn't Nomad posting when Will was at some point?

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Will admitted that he sometimes posts under the Nomad moniker on another board. It's not too much of a stretch to think he does it here.


I will settle this. Nomad, tell me what guitar would God play when he plays a gutiar?

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And as we can see from the evidence before us, just as it doesn't take a rocket scientist to conclude the Sensen is the BOA Egyptian papyrus original, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that Will is Nomad. This isn't even a Glenn Beck "connect the dots" exercise.

I won't hold it against you to keep your pet theory alive. I am telling you the posting style,for right now, is enough to cause me to doubt regardless if Will has posted under Nomad on another board.

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Oh no. Now I am absolutely positive it is him, and now nobody can convince me otherwise.

Board rules do not allow double aliases and if you will note the sign up date for Nomad, both he and Will were posting at the same time.

Having said that, speaking as a reader all this personal stuff (from multiple posters) is very distracting and irrelevant imo to the argument, general and specific. I would greatly appreciate it if it were to stop or even be deleted.

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