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Earthquake in New Zealand


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My cousin's husband watched an old building crumble right in front of him. Luckily he was in a more stable building and their home is still OK. Everyone in the family is all right. Sad for those who lost loved ones.

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What a shame. Christchurch Cathedral was stunning. I wonder if they will be able to save any of it.

Looking around you can see that building codes are worth it though. The most recent estimate I saw was 65 dead.

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Fortunately I don't have any loved ones there. I can't imagine what the people there are going through right now.

This earthquake, though considerably weaker (at 6.3) than the one last September (at 7.1) was a lot closer to the city, and the epicenter was also a lot closer to the surface.

There has been all sorts of damage in the Christchurch CBD. The spire of the cathedral collapsed and fell through the roof into the nave.

75 people are confirmed dead. There are hundreds of other people still missing and unidentified bodies in morgues that won't form part of the official death toll until they are identified.

Two buses were crushed when buildings fell on them.

A 26-floor hotel is expected to collapse at any time.

It's all pretty horrendous.



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My cousin has been dealing with the aftershocks for so long and the last time she mentioned them, she said they were causing her "stress wees". Not fun wondering how much more their house can take.

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we have students and colleages and friends on staff at the uni in Christchurch. Computers and lasers scrambled on the floor, everything needs to be recalibrated, lack of funding will probably cause trouble continuing some research- but our folks are thankfully hale and hearty- but the mess makes me want to weep for them.

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