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John's passion for victory


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I was intrigued yesterday, reading in one of the epistles of the Apostle John, to discover that he speaks several times of "overcoming." With the help of Strong's concordance, I discovered that term, translated from the Greek nikeo (being victorious), appears several times in John's Gospel as well, but not in the Synoptic gospels (at least in a positive sense), as well as in his Revelation.

It is of course possible that other synonyms for overcome/overcoming, based on nikeo, do appear in the Synoptic gospels. But the point is, John's message, in all of his writings, seems to focus on that theme: the Saints, through love, will overcome.

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Just an observation. I suppose the question could be asked: Why would only John, out of all the Gospel writers, speak of "overcoming?" Might it relate to the circumstances of his life? How might it fit together with other differences between his and the Synoptic gospels. Some have found Gnostic leanings in his Gospel -- how frequently does "nikeos" show up in Nag Hammadi, for example.

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