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What do women really think about


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I read an article today that makes the point that for women, Valentines day is a day when they take the temperature of the relationship based on what does or does not happen. Do you think this is true?

Do you think to a certain extent, we expect a nice Valentines gift when we haven't really done the work to nurture the relationship? Is Valentines a good day for married couples to look within to see if they have been good boyfriends and girlfriends the rest of the year?

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Well, I'm a woman. Here's how it works for us:

Valentine's Day is simply another excuse to celebrate our love, as we both work at making our marriage fun, loving, and most of all, we are best friends.

We're doing what we do every Valentine's Day: We cook together, having fun in the kitchen and conjuring up a special meal. This year it is an Italian sausage and bell pepper stir-fry, with a monster chef's salad and for dessert, homemade cheesecake.

So, I think of Valentine's Day as fun and being together with my best friend and lover -- who happens to be my husband. Of course we give each other either cards or lovenotes. And either he or I will get some nice flowers for our candlelight dinner table.

All the pets get extra treats, of course!

For this woman, having fun with hubby is what it's all about and what I think about.



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That sounds like a very nice Valentine's Day, Blossom. :P

Hubby and I have been married for 39 years and we don't usually make a big deal about Valentine's Day, but he does usually bring me flowers and a card and I will get him a card, as well. We'll have some fun at home. ;) (Restaurants are too crowded on Valentine's Day)

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I forbid my husband to buy me flowers for Valentine's Day. They jack up the price. He will usually give me chocolate and maybe some other gift. I typically knock myself out making a special meal, but this year I'm teaching piano, so maybe I'll get a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's. :P

Honestly, I would much rather have a really nice letter from him about how much he loves me than more stuff.

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I think those selling flowers would like you to believe that is true. And I think those women whose significant others have been less than fully PRESENT in the relationship might expect them to make it up that day (or at least not screw it up further). But in our family, we don't do Valentines. Everything is more expensive and crowded and we don't like being told by stores when to love each other.

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