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LDS Guy 1986

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Just wanted to introduce myself!

I am Patrick Gentry, I have been a member of the Church since 2004. My wife was baptized recently in OCT 2010, we are both currently serving as ward missionaries in the Raleigh 4th Ward of the Raleigh North Carolina Stake. I am a combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom I served in the United States Army Reserve. I am a avid motorcyclist (a reason why I moved from Massachusetts to North Carolina) and I enjoy reading, firearms, spreading the good news of the restored gospel, and serving God in my callings.

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Welcome to MDD LDS Guy.

Welcome to the South as well.

I am an EV. My wife and her family are LDS and the reason I came to the forum.

I used have a bike.. it was a 84 model 700cc 4cyl Kow. Don't have much interest in them now.

I am a gun buff and love to talk about them. Recently got in black powder stuff. I picked up a little copy of an 1860 Colt "cap n ball". It's a booger to clean up after shooting, but I am getting a 3 to 4 inch pattern at 15yds.. shooting a .44 cal ball with 30 grains of powder. It's messy and fun..kinda like the forum here.



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