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Auto Train, Virginia to Florida


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I'm getting to that age where I start to look at things that I've always wanted to do, and make decisions to either do them or to put them aside for good.

One of those things was to take the Amtrak auto train from Virginia to Florida, and drive back. Since we live in the east coast close to the DC area, it's something "local" that we can do without much fuss or a large investment of time. We're trying to get things scheduled to go in March.

Has anyone else ever taken the auto train, and if so, do you have any advice / experiences to relate?

And yes, I do realize that given the demographics of the board, it's unlikely that I'll get anyone who's done it, but it's worth a shot. Thanks!

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I would love to do that. We want to go visit family more, but then we worry about adding more mileage to the van. If we fly, no one has a vehicle to pick all 6 of us up and the airport is 2 or 3 hours away for them too.

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