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Men and Priesthood


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I saw it and it was waaaay to confusing. Just want it simple. Where is it located that it is a doctrine that only men can hold the priesthood?

It is the current policy of the Church. You can read current policy on it in the handbook - that currently only men are ordained to priesthood offices. There appears to be no explicit revelation stating that men and only men can hold the priesthood (and in fact, women perform priesthood ordinances in the Temple).

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would this mean that the LDS Church could perhaps ordain women to the priesthood at some point?

Theoretically, yes. However, It would take a revelation akin to the 1978 Revelation on Priesthood for it to go into practice, and the former traditional policy restricting ordinations to be overturned, and former explanations to be repudiated. I don't see it being a particular matter of concern the Brethren will be studying, pondering, and praying about anytime soon, though.

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