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My Column in "Mormon Times"

Daniel Peterson

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The little child swept out to sea and the elderly woman slowly dying of thirst under concrete rubble have no hope. Life, for them, ends horribly, and then there is nothing.

Yup, and afterwards they're no worse off than before they existed.

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I was out of town for the past few days, but don't want to neglect my unceasing campaign of shameless self-promotion.

So here, albeit a bit late, is a link to my most recent "Mormon Times" article:


A well-articulated piece, Daniel.

Not intending to denigrate other faith groups, I will say I have often mused that we follow the New Testament model in this regard more closely than do those with the "formally trained pulpit orators." That said, I think our rank-and-file on average tend to acquit themselves well as public speakers, largely because of on-the-job training received in a do-it-yourself church, as it were.

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Yet another column, this one an unashamed advertisement:


Very nice. I'm working on an essay concerning the question in the psalm you quoted, "What is man?" I'm even quoting the next verse, as well as 82:6. Do you, perchance, know if the proverb attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, "Know ye not that ye are gods," is really part of the Hermetic literature, or if it is merely a Dan Brown type creation?

Yours under the alchemic oaks,

Nathair /|\

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Accordingly, Elder Ballard asked ordinary individual members to "join the conversation by participating on the Internet to share the gospel and to explain in simple and clear terms the message of the Restoration."

Unfortunately, this has resulted in thousands of half-baked apologists running amok, disavowing virtually every point of church doctrine.

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Unfortunately, this has resulted in thousands of half-baked apologists running amok, disavowing virtually every point of church doctrine.

Not to mention dozens of half-baked apostates doing exactly the same!

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A bit late because I'm on the road -- and am heading altogether out of the United States tomorrow morning -- but here is my column from last Thursday:


On an Easter theme, of course. My little crusade continues, to persuade Mormons to do more to celebrate Easter.

Well, I tried to do my part but the Mormons you speak of would not be persuaded.

I am pleased that you used my opening quote for your conclusion. Were you trying to construct a chiasmus from the combination of our articles?

But the testimony of the Four Gospels, of the first apostles, of the early Christians, of Christian believers throughout the centuries and of the Prophet Joseph Smith and his apostolic successors is that, early on Sunday morning, the stone had been rolled away and the tomb was empty.

Yes, the testimonies of the Four Gospels, first apostles etc. are certainly vital to the historicity of the empty tomb. What sage advice would you give to those struggling to make sense of the scriptural accounts? Should Mormon apologists take up the cause or should they leave it entirely up to Evangelical scholars?

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I've just added a third relevant "Mormon Scholars Testify" link, to the testimony of Gordon A. Madsen, in the opening post, above:


Have my friends ever responded? BTW, now that you have Susan Easton Black, I like you much more and your site...she is too cool.

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Were you trying to construct a chiasmus from the combination of our articles?

You and your chiasmus.

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That some Book of Mormon witnesses credited Strang argues for their sincerity, incidentally: Had they been knowing perpetrators of a fraud with Joseph Smith, they would likely have been far more skeptical of Strang.

What stunning logic.

So lemme see, if I were caught red-handed and hauled into court on fraud charges, and my crime were linked to an identical previous crime, I should be declared innocent of the earlier crime because there's no way I'd do the same thing twice?

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