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Mudcat's thread on the Holy Spirit.


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Excellent questions Mudcat! I'll give you a bit of where I'm at right now on these questions.

1. I can't really say that another's experiences are invalid just because they conflict with my own. All I can say is that I've my experiences, and I feel justified in acting on them. It isn't a bulletproof way of doing things, but it is what we are stuck with.

2. I don't have any proof of the Holy Spirit's existence. I wouldn't even consider my own experiences with the Holy Spirit as proof to myself. Faith is still required. I suppose some evidence might be found in the testimonies of others, both LDS and non-LDS, and including scriptural teachings about his existence.

3. I think someone can read, pray, be sincere, and not receive a response. It has happened to me! Of course, I have also had confirming spiritual experiences. My current best way of understanding why God might answer some and not others is that different people, at different times in their lives, need different things to shape their character and bring them closer to Christ. I believe that Mormonism holds more truth about God's Kingdom than any other religious system, and that it is the only organization with the priesthood authority. But, I don't believe that Mormonism, or the LDS Church, is always the very best place for everyone all the time. The ultimate goal is for each of us to become more like Christ, and sometimes that can be accomplished outside of the LDS Church (for a while). Eventually I believe all will be led to the truth, but it is not a race. More important than joining the LDS Church is growing closer in Christlike attributes.

Short answer: God might intentionally not direct someone into Mormonism, and might intentionally direct them into another religious system for a while.

4. I think this question is at least partly answered in my response to #3. I don't think the Holy Spirit ever lies, but he gives us just enough truth to lead us where we should be.

That is how I think on these topics right now. I reserve the right to change my mind!



God bless,


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Some of you may view this post as a bit of a polemic. It isn't really. Just trying to get to the bottom of something is all, and wondering what you might have to say on the topic. That being said...

As importantly as the work of Christ, the witness and fellowship of the Holy Spirit is essential to a Christians faith. Without such, a Christian's faith would be as benign and meaningless as any myth. The Holy Spirit is the validation to the believer that what they believe is true.

Though I am certainly not an LDS, we do share a common vein in the notion that there is a testimony of truth we would attribute to the Holy Spirit. I think, in this particular view, we would both mutually yield to the Holy Spirit's preeminence as the primary revealer and dispenser of truth.

Yet taking into consideration, there are 39,000 + Christian denominations(including LDS). I imagine you might think

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