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New Joseph Smith Paper website! Very cool!

David T

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Blackstrap, I have no idea how you got that out of what I wrote.

Fifth, well, how bout you post us the reason you want to look at these documents, and we'll help you make sure it doesn't sound all that bad... I'm sure we can help with that no? Unless it's like a reason that is like, obviously non-fixable, which in that case, it would probably be one of those which would make us angry, no?

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True story: At our temple open house prior to it's dedication we had a gentleman come through that was an EV preacher.He took the tour as outlined but after wanted to see the rooms where the sacrifices were made. Temple officials decided to show him through every room in the building.He went everywhere he wanted,closets,storage rooms ,kitchen,everyplace. After all that he left,still unconvinced that there was not some place still hidden.

" A man convinced against his will,is of the same opinion still."

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