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Exaltation and Resurrection


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Well, we don't need multiple mortal probations since the probationary period extends to the Spirit World. Why else do we baptize for the dead?

I've heard this before, but fail to comprehend how the spirit world can be a probationary time period. You KNOW you are dead. You no longer have a physical body. You know 100% that life continues after death. You may very well remember things from you pre-mortal existence. I can't see how this can be a learning/probationary experience since so much of the "test" has now been exposed.

Multiple physical probations makes the most sense to me. There is far too much to learn and experience in the physical for there only to be one time through. There are millions upon millions of situations and experiences to be had in mortality. I don't see how you can ever become like god without having gone through them all and overcoming them all. In fact, I think its highly possible that when we were first just "intelligences" we started our first probations as cells and then progressed through the mineral kingdom. We then combined with other intelligences to form a higher soul and progressed to the plant kingdom and all its forms. We then combined with other intelligences and moved to animal kingdom. Now we find ourselves in the human stage, with a host of new challenges and opportunities. The chance not to be governed and ruled by nature, but to use free agency, reason, emotion, and thought to learn and grow. I do not believe we regress in the forms we take, but are always moving forward. But the laws of karma govern our probations and give us the opportunity to learn from life to life until we master it.

The human form is the ultimate stage of progression here on this planet, but who knows what lies beyond? If we achieve exaltation here in this stage of development, we will be as gods (relative to the life on this planet). We will be able to say, "We have achieved all things because we have been all things."

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