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What does Zion look like?


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Here is the best book on the topic that I have ever read.


Beyond that, as long as there are stone circles, oak groves and the faint music of Manannan Mac Lir's apple branch, I will be content.

Yours under the peaceful oaks,

Nathair /|\

Read that. I enjoyed it. But im not sure i agree with all of Brother Nibley's ideas. Of course, I could be wrong.

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Warning Thread Hijack Alert!! Warning Thread Hijack Alert.

On a somewhat related note I have always found it amusing that Israel is called the 'Promised Land" Seriously, if that is what the promised land looks like I'll take whatever the second choice would be, like say Yosemite or anywhere up along the north west coast.

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Can anyone be serious?

I will.

Here are a few interesting instances of the word Zion from a book I read:

Know ye not that I shall gather Mine elect from the four quarters of the earth, yea, and they shall assemble themselves in Zion, and a great shout of joy shall go forth unto the ends of the earth, yea, and all shall hear the shout and know that I am Lord, yea even thy God; yea and none shall stay their hand, and they shall be as a devouring fire, yea even as stubble is burned by fire so shall they devour the wicked by fire.

For neighbor shall take up sword against neighbor, and they shall fall upon each other in anger, and town shall be against town, and city against city, and state against state, and country against country, and the righteous must needs flee to Zion and to those places appointed.

And at the time of the cleansing all who come forth in meekness and repentance shall place at the bishop's feet, or in other words, lay before the bishop their entire estate; and they shall leave out nothing, for all is Mine saith the LORD; and this must be done that all surplus properties be placed in the hands of the bishopric, for the building up of My kingdom, and for the sustenance of the poor, and for the reclaiming from the wicked the lands of Zion, and the regions round about her borders.

And all those who desire not to take up sword against their neighbor, must needs flee to Zion, for there only is salvation.

For from Zion shall go forth My law, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem; for will ye not be the Ensign all shall seek to?

Nevertheless, there is much concerning this law [marriage] that I cannot reveal unto the children of men at this time, and until Zion is established cannot be implemented. ... And ye shall not take unto yourselves wives if they be not willing to sacrifice all for the building up of Zion, which is My Kingdom on this earth, for the pure in heart only abideth there. ...Therefore, ye shall admit only those who have an eye single to My glory, for in no other way can Zion be built.

Behold, what ye have received ye have received by My will, and ye knew it not, but ye had thought that perhaps it was because of your own wisdom that ye received these things. But behold I say unto you, that ye were given these things that ye may build up Zion if ye will have it; and then ye shall be rich indeed, for he who hath Eternal Life is rich. For Zion shall yet be redeemed even in spite of the wicked one, whose foundation perisheth.

And I say unto My servant Joseph, that he hath been called to compile a work pertaining to the marriage covenant. For without the setting in order of this law, Zion cannot be established upon My footstool.

Behold I say unto you My son: I the LORD am about to bring forth Zion and gather from the four quarters of the earth Mine elect; and none shall stay My hand.

For no man or woman shall be idle in Zion, for all must put forth their hand and labor; and he that laboreth not is not of Me, and he shall be cast out.

The seed of righteous Abel cannot come forth until Zion be established.

Until I have a people that are willing to forsake all of Babylon, behold I say, Zion cannot be established.

For I shall pour out My blessings both temporally and spiritually upon My people that they will not be able to receive, if they but listen to My true prophets and heed My words through them, and do even as I command in the setting up of My Zion in this the last dispensation.

For it was My will that a great sifting occur as prophesied by My servant John Taylor, for without this sifting Mine elect could not be found out nor purified and refined and be humbled sufficiently in preparation for the setting up of Zion.

And when one of your number murmur against Me, the others suffer and your progression to the establishment of Zion is stopped. And behold I will not establish Zion until ye are in unison and of one mind to the building up of My kingdom upon the earth, for if ye are not, will ye not be like unto the Nephites of old, and quarrel among yourselves and Zion be destroyed? ... Therefore ye shall wander in the wilderness of sin until ye are in unison, one with another, and are able to abide the promised land, even Zion.

For ye know it not, but ye have been given all things to establish Zion among you. For all I have given unto the children of men for their comfort, for their enjoyment, if used in conjunction with My will, will it not establish Zion? Behold I say unto thee, Yea!

And those who resist temptation, and keep themselves pure, behold they are worthy of a much greater exaltation; and shall receive those spirits that are a chosen people worthy of bringing forth My Zion. ... And thus for this time, I give unto you instruction concerning this matter, that ye not fall again into the pattern of those of old that disqualified themselves from bringing forth My Zion.

And those who desire not to build up My kingdom and My Zion, and who are totally engrossed in their own possessions, which is their worldly goods, even coveting that of others (behold I say unto you this even includes the children which are placed under their jurisdiction), I say unto them they must repent or they will surely lose My Spirit and be lost.

For now again I shall begin to reveal further matters pertaining unto the establishment of Zion, even in the building of your homes and in the building of your factories and all useful buildings and edifices.

And I will yet call others to replace these; nevertheless, many are called, but few are chosen. And the few that are chosen are the ones who totally heed My word, and desire with a single eye to establish My Zion.

For Priesthood offices are of a temporal nature, and are for a specific function for the furtherance of establishing, upbuilding and maintaining My Zion upon the earth-- that generation after generation may be taught true principles.


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Warning Thread Hijack Alert!! Warning Thread Hijack Alert.

On a somewhat related note I have always found it amusing that Israel is called the 'Promised Land" Seriously, if that is what the promised land looks like I'll take whatever the second choice would be, like say Yosemite or anywhere up along the north west coast.

Them's fighting words.

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