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Amos in Later Jewish Traditions


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On my blog I posted an anthology of Jewish texts relating to Amos. They range from the 2nd century BC to the mid 18th, AD. Comments welcome!

*Amos and the Dead Sea Scrolls*

The book of Amos played a small but crucial role in the formulation of Essene thought and teachings. The very first Dead Sea scroll discovered was the Damascus Document, or Zadokite Fragments. In 1896 Solomon Shechter discovered two medieval manuscripts in the genizah, or repository, of a Cairo synagogue. Schechter considered them a work of the first century B.C., but it wasn

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Brilliant. Thanks for these insights.

Of course, Amos 3:7 is the famous prophet scripture (with "secret" actually being "council" i.e. the divine council). I thought this was interesting and I just discovered it today:

D&C 3:4 says not to set "at naught the counsels of God." However, the original manuscript (as demonstrated in The Joseph Smith Papers - Revelations and Translations: Manuscript Revelation Books) reads "Councils of God." I might be jumping the gun, but given some of David Bokovoy's discoveries of divine council terminology in the D&C, this looks like a good (and fairly obvious) one.

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