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William's Cipher Theory

Mortal Man

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It is questionable whether the Brass Plates were written in the same "reformed Egyptian" that the Nephites adopted for their own records. If it had been the hieratic script, it would have been decipherable to anyone capable of deciphering the hieratic script.

According to Wikipedia, "Hieratic was used throughout the pharaonic period and into the Graeco-Roman period. However, after about 660 BC, the Demotic script (and later Greek) replaced hieratic in most secular writing, but hieratic continued to be used by the priestly class for several more centuries, at least into the third century AD."

If the script that Lehi and Nephi knew was hieratic, and were that the script in which the brass plates were written, then it would make sense that not too many other people would be able to decipher it since they would probably know Demotic instead. But, who knows? You do make a good point about "Reformed Egyptian" likely being something of their own making.

Thanks, -Wade Englund-

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