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New Evidence for Diversity in Ancient Americans


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Since I know just about nothing about this topic, I'll just post this

I thought it was very interesting. If my Spanish was better, I'd look up the original source, but as it is, there are probably others here better able to evaluate it!


The Associated Press


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Those huge eyes remind me of art from Ur and Sumer.

THAT would be an interesting thing to look into!

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This article from stanford university was intresting:

While it is perhaps all but indisputable that land migration occurred over the Bering Strait, it is not conclusive that this path was the first or the only means of migration to the Americas. There are incongruities in the archaeological record when North and South America are compared. There are South American sites, including Monte Verde, which predate the North American Clovis remains by at least 1,000 years (Dillehay 1999 http://www.archaeolo...tures/clovis/).

These findings lend support to what has been argued to be an earlier and faster maritime migration. Furthermore, excavations across the Americas, the most recent of which unearthed coprolites in the Paisley Caves of Oregon

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So much interesting stuff, so little time........

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If Monte Verde in Chile predates the Clovis in the US. What in the world does that say about the theories that they Migrated following the heards which dispersed from asia over the land bridge through an ice corridor from north to south America?

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Ancient American Skeleton has European DNA.


Heres a 2000 year old Blonde mummy in Peru that carbon dated to 2000 years old. Thats BOM times.


More on that here...



Thanks- fascinating stuff- Heyerdahl

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