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The Duration of Eternity


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And there were exceedingly many prophets among us. And the people were a stiffnecked people, hard to understand.

And there was nothing save it was exceeding harshness, preaching and prophesying of wars, and contentions, and destructions, and continually reminding them of death, and the duration of eternity, and the judgments and the power of God, and all these things

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I must admit that I always found this verse pretty amusing. ... It seems to me that Enos laboured to convince them that eternity was continuing.

He had to explain it that way because they were "a stiffnecked people, hard to understand." So does this mean that it was difficult for them to understand the prophets or did it mean the prophets couldn't understand them? Or possibly were they deaf? Since most Mesoamericans are not deaf, this is another nail in the coffin for the Mesoamerican theory.

What do we know about Mesoamerican perceptions of eternity?

Well, it was a day more or less than that perceived by the Egyptians. The Mesoamericans had a concept of zero, so I suspect they had advanced scientific knowledge. Might be why they were so hard to understand.

When I toured Chitzen Itza years ago, some tour guide boasted that not even the Greeks had the concept of zero. I said nothing, but I thought there's more than a mathematical concept between those bloodthirsty goons and a people who could put a stick in the ground and figure out the circumference of the world.

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I forgot about that passage. The one that I read though came from a diffrent non -SW.

From Gospel of Thomas:

11. Jesus said, "This heaven will pass away, and the one above it will pass away.

The dead are not alive, and the living will not die. During the days when you ate what is dead, you made it come alive. When you are in the light, what will you do? On the day when you were one, you became two. But when you become two, what will you do?"

I often wondered about what we would do for all eternity other than be like HF.

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