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Meldrum Presentations


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Recently, during an extended flight, I sat next to a close business associate of Rod Meldrum's for a few hours.

It ended up being an enjoyable discussion (from my perspective).

Are there any here who have attended a recent Meldrum fireside, watched one of the more recent Meldrum DVD's, or been part of a Meldrum-led tour?

If so, I'd be interested in your impression(s) of what you experienced.

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Although I haven't sat through one of his firesides or presentations I am familiar with some of his DNA stances and of course his geography for some of the Book of Mormon lands. I will admit that although I don't agree with him on the North America location (for most major BOM geography) I do think that his passion for the research is great and admirable. I would love to hear his opinion of the Hopi and see how they correlate with the Book of Mormon people in his eyes. As anyone who may have paid any attention to my posts can tell you I have a passion for studying the Hopi and the Anasazi and know that Ron Meldrum and the FIRM group have placed much study into the North American indigneous tribes and would love to hear more.

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